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Peacock Windows, Doors & Conservatories Conditions Of Sale

1. In these Conditions of Sale Peacock Windows is referred to as the company and the person or persons signing this contract is referred to as the customer.

2. Orders are accepted on the basis that these Conditions of Sale will apply to the exclusion of any conditions printed on customers own stationery. Orders given verbally must be confirmed in writing otherwise the company accepts no responsibility for errors in interpretation or delay in processing the order.

3. The placing of an order with the company will be deemed to bind the customer to the following terms and conditions and no oral representation shall bind the company if made in writing and signed a director of the company.

4. The company reserves the right to cancel this contract at any time by giving notice to the customer and the liability of the company in the event of such cancellation is limited to a refund of any payments made by the customer in connection with this contract.

5. Demonstration windows, doors and other products are used to demonstrate the working of a typical product and Its composition. The windows or other products detailed in the schedule overleaf will be manufactured and installed by the company using such manner and materials considered suitable and, pursuant to the company's policy of continuous development in the standards of it's products and manufacturing and installation methods the company reserves the right to make minor variations in the design and specification of its products and method of installation without notice, it shall be under no obligation to supply goods exactly conforming in appearance to samples or goods previously supplied.

6. The company will not accept any variations or alterations to the order placed by the customer unless confirmed in writing by the company and any such variation or alteration may result in extra charges being made by the company. All goods ordered under this contract are purpose made specifically for the customer's particular requirements and as such are not resaleable to third parties.

7. The company cannot guarantee that condensation, if any, can be eliminated or reduced by the installation of its products. Double glazing is designed primarily to reduce the heat loss which occurs through single glazing. The fitting of double glazing products will not in itself eliminate condensation. This is dependent upon the environments within the dwelling.

8. Whilst the company will endeavour to ensure that the quality of glass supplied is first class both with single and double glazing, It cannot accept liability for defects or Imperfections arising from the glass manufacturing process. Therefore all glass will be to the standards of the Glass Industry. Leaded and Georgian effect products may have slight variations and the company cannot guarantee to completely match patterns to adjacent windows and/or door areas as the patterns are set out and spaced in accordance with the general trade practice.

9. Payment of the outstanding balance due to the company as shown overleaf falls due for payment upon completion of the works. Payment shall be made by the customer by cheque, cash or card (for which a receipt will be given) or by way of money order payable to Peacock Windows and crossed "Account payee". If part of the balance shown overleaf is withheld as a result of an alleged minor defect, then the sum withheld is not to be greater than is to be reasonably related to the alleged minor defect, if payment has not been made on the date it falls due, in accordance with these conditions, the Company shall have the right to require the payment of interest on the outstanding balance due at the rate of 2% per month from the date the payments falls due until the date payment is made in full. Until payment has been made in full the goods shall remain the property of the Company.

11. The customer shall be responsible for ensuring that the supply of the products complies with every applicable statute order in Council; regulation or direction of Government. local or other authority regulations and in particular that he has lawfully obtained every necessary licence permit or authority required in connection therewith.

12. The company shall not be liable for any consequential loss sustained by the customer arising out of the contract howsoever arising.

13. The Company does not accept any responsibility for accidental glass breakage, either by the householder or any third party, after installation of the glass

14. EXTRAS Addition work carried out or Goods supplied not detailed overleaf will be charged for in addition to the invoice amount detailed overleaf based upon prices in our current price list.

15. STYLES The styles detailed on the order form will be as viewed from the inside. Where the size of a vent is not specified the company will make that vent size consistent with the size of the window.

Customers please note:
In the formulation of the Contract the use of abbreviations and product codes is unavoidable. If you are uncertain as to the meaning of any of these please request clarification from the salesman and/or Surveyor.


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